MacZoom Service

Only courses related to the Apple platforms are accepted at MacZoom. When you create a course, you can setup it for free or you can setup a price. We handle all payments and we only take a 9% commission for any order. You can request to be paid at any time from a Paypal account or a US bank account. If you have any question, feel free to contact us at maczoom@maczoom.com.

Zoom video conference integration is only available for groups. When you create a group, you will see the option to manage your Zoom meetings. We implemented a Setup Wizard to make it very simple.

We believe that Ads are annoying and not providing the best user experience. Most of the time, the advertising agencies sell your data without your consent. So we banned Ads at MacZoom.

You can get more information on this page.

YES, we recently added this option on the Community section.

We handle security and privacy very seriously. First, the service is hosted on top notch servers, monitored in real time. We also have automatic backup of everything. We care about your privacy. We do not sell or provide your data to any third parties.

Creating an account and using the main features are free. We only make money by taking a commission on online courses sold on the service by members.

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